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We Have a Pizza Oven

As a Christmas gift to each other, we have gotten ourselves an uuni3 pizza oven.

Pizza oven with door off showing internal flames
Hot stuff
Pizza oven with door off showing internal flames
Hot stuff

This afternoon we fired it up and gave it a test run. This involved assembling the oven, seasoning it (giving it a half hour blast at full heat), before letting it cool and giving it a quick wipe down. Then we got to start cooking.

The uuni oven is designed to operate using hard wood pellets, but can be gas fired using LPG1 with the extra attachment. We met some folk that had one at EMF and they strongly advised getting the attachment. They were using wood pellets because they were in the middle of a field, and the wood pellets are easier to carry than a gas canister, but for normal use in the same place the gas is much easier. So we did get the gas attachment and set up the uuni with gas, which made life easier.

We attempted to follow the instructions on the ooni website 2 for the pizza dough, though making use of the flour we had. We didn't use a pizza sauce because we didn't have any premade stuff in the cupboard and it would have taken too long to make our own from scratch. Instead we used a pasta sauce which worked well enough.

I can see that I will need much more practice at stretching the dough out and will need to use much more flour on the peels. The first pizza was a bit of a disaster, and the next two were not much better. It didn't help that the pizzas cook so quickly that you don't get much time to think when it is in the oven. I think the oven was also too hot, and scorched the outside of the pizzas without letting the base or internals cook.

The food was edible and I can see that there is definitely potential. All in all it was not too bad as a first run, but more practice is required.


  1. Propane or "patio gas".
  2. The company was originally spelt "uuni" but has now been rebranded as "ooni". But the products still seem to be called "uuni". I suspect that will change when the next versions come out.
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