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Our Adventure Book

Last year, some friends came to visit and we went out to a local park, then stopped in a cafe for some food. While we were waiting for our food to arrive, our friends got out their adventure book. This is a notebook which they write in when they go on an adventure. They have a Polaroid camera (a modern digital version) that the print photos out and stick into the book to help them remember the day. The kids enjoy telling their parents what to write and then reviewing previous adventures.

We thought that this was a great idea and over Christmas got ourselves a Polaroid Printer and notebook. It took us until March before we got ourselves organised enough to start using it, but since then it has been great.

Blue Polaroid Printer with notebook
Our Adventure Book
Blue Polaroid Printer with notebook
Our Adventure Book

I highly recommend doing something similar. It is one thing to go on these adventures as a family, but the book helps us remember them. It also gives the kids something to do while waiting on something like food arriving.

Our only regret is not starting sooner.


This post is a personal review. The printer and book was bought by a family member for Christmas at our request. There is no commercial relationship associated with this post.

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